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to the bachelor party and wedding and all that other crap. Am I obligated to celebrate this childbirth in any way? Like, should I go see them and their kid? Buy the kid a present? I’m clueless here. It’s awfully hard to top that. That’s the
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Wholesale NFL jerseys the theater will give a standing O. That’s always a cool moment at the movies, when everyone is literally cheering. Everyone. Not just Pete Hammond. I remember that happening when I saw The Fugitive and Harrison Ford got the police to tackle Tommy Lee Jones by telling them there’s a man around the corner waving a gun and screaming, and also in Pulp Fiction when Butch goes back into Zed’s room with the sword to save Marcellus from being assraped. Also, the two times the Death Star is destroyed. And when Ness throws Nitti off the roof in The Untouchables. All those scenes got wild cheers in the theater. When I was a kid, we took our fair share of road trips. We drove to Montreal once. We drove to summer camp in northern Wisconsin

$100 million. When I drove up to the house though, all I could do was laugh. Looking at all of the cars in the driveway, you think you were at a retirement home. The newest car in the driveway was from 1998. The majority of them were models from the 80s. and older. None of them were freshly detailed or flashy. You would have never guessed that all of them were owned by millionaires. Talking to the investors about them was also interesting. I didn ask everyone about their car, but the few I talked with told me they paid for the car in full a long time ago. They were also focused on regularly maintaining the car. Performance was just as important as price. Buy a mansion? God no. Who needs all that space? Knowing how to leverage their money and tax benefits, you think millionaire real estate investors would live in huge houses. But you be fooled, once again. Most of the millionaires I know live in modest houses in good neighborhoods. The average value is probably around $300,000. They also

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